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Ok, I would like to burn some videos onto CDR's or CDRW's. One such video, for example, is Jackie Chan - Drunken Master. It is in [divx]avi format and is 653,808kb. How do I go about making this into a good quality VCD? I have the following software for this project:

Windows Media Player 6.4 w/necessary codecs Easy CD Creator 3.5c Virtual Dub 1.3d Ordix Mpack 3.43 (registered)

And the following hardware profile:

500mh Pentium II processor Available space on drive=2430MB out of 12397MB 128MB RAM CD Recorder: Mistsumi CR 4804TE CD Player: Atapi 40x

If anyone can help, it would be much appriciated. p.s. I have plenty of good files for trade, etc. =-)

-- John (, May 14, 2001


Go to and get the latest DivX codec and TMPGEnc conversion utility, using it's SVCD templet to obtain the highest quality. It will take two or three blanks depending on it's length.

-- me (, May 15, 2001.

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