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I would greatly appreciate information on developing Arista 125 sheet film in both D-76 and HC-110. I'm using hangars and tanks, so I'm looking for ballpark time, temperature and agitation figures from anyone who has used these combinations. Assuming that the Arista 125 is really Ilford FP4, I suppose I can also use Ilford data.

Thanks for any input.


-- Dan Blair (, May 14, 2001


Dan, I have used both the 4x5 and 120 format and have just followed Ilfords guidelines and the results have been very nice. I don't use those developers (I am enjoying PMK Pyro at present) but just extrapolate the data from Ilford and you will be allright.

Hope that helps..........Mike

-- Michael Pry (, May 14, 2001.

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