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I have the General Electric GE1101P DVD player. I want to burn JPG images and QuickTime MOV files from my Olympus digital camera to a VCD that I can play on my DVD player. I currently have Easy CD 4.02 (the free non-VCD version). That's about where my knowledge on this subject ends. Can it be done? What software should I use? Is it better to use CD-R or CD-RW? My player is not in the compatibilty list at I know it supports VCD and CDRW but am not sure about CDR or any version info. If I use CDRW, how protected is it? Could it be erased in the future or can it be "closed" so it appears like a purchased DVD? Thanks!

-- Brad Grant (, May 14, 2001


All of your answers are in the archives. If you make a video of your photo's and convert you MOV's, yes thy both can go on the same VCD. Can't say about video's and slide shows.

Go to and get virtualdub and TMPGEnc (free) conversion utilities.

You need Easy CD DELUX or Nero (or others) to make VCD's.

I prefer CDrw's because they are virtually as cheap as CDr's these days and YES they can be erased making them indespensible while climbing the learning curve.

How protected are CDrw's,...? Erasing one takes a lot more effort than damaging a DVD through carelass handling.

A handy tip. Those AOL and MS sign up CD's that come in the mail once a month, all come in the rectangular DVD style cases. The paper inserts for the cover can be removed, flipped and re-inserted, white side out. They are a great way of storing your PERMENENT VCD's on CDrw. Friends drop of at least FREE case once a week. Thank you AOL and MS.

-- me (, May 15, 2001.

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