If you were to plan the Sunday worship service, what would it be like?

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If you had the opportunity to plan the sunday worship service, what would it be like. Would you change the traditional AME order of worship? Would you have more singing, less singing, What hymns or songs would you use. What sermon would be preached. What would the sanctuary look like. What flowers would you use. Don't forget about scripture readings. What type of bulletin would you use. You have the idea, this is just a fun assignment. But the ideas posted may come in handy. Oh don't forget music selections. For me when I am planning the worship service, I feel the worship experience begins at the door, so let's have fun. I love all of you dearly and pray that you will have a blessed week with Christ.

-- Anonymous, May 14, 2001


What a hot question! If I could change the order of worship in every christian church including the AME church, I would change it so that it would be more meditational. Number one, there would be no socializing in the sanctuary prior to waiting for the pastor to call us to worship. Number two, only songs of praise to God would be sung. Number three, all prayers would have to be in the forms of humble requests (It would be frowned upon for anyone who gave God a command). Number four, no liturgical dancing unless it is inspired by the Holy Spirit. Number five, no announcements would be made during the worship service. Number six, no recognition of visitors or celebrities, vips, etc. One of the things that attracted me to the AME church was the altar rail. I like the practice of going up to this consecrated place and kneeling humbly in the presence of the Lord. I also like the manner in which the AME ministers administer communion. In my mind's eye, the pastor becomes a priest when he is administering communion. I just think that it's wonderful to have a sacred worship service in a sacred place where people can worship in a corporate body. When I enter the sanctuary, I try to take my mind to heaven to worship.


-- Anonymous, May 14, 2001

Well you have definitely posed a great question. I must first begin by saying, I would not change much to the Order of Worship in the AME church. I would first and foremost place announcements and recognitions after the sermon and invitation. I know that offends most because some leave after the sermon (some after alter call), but that would be my first change. I would not add a charismatic worship service because that can be a huge distraction. By charismatic I mean spontaneous worship and praise, prayer lines, etc... I would have a high church service one Sunday a month with full display liturgical processions, hymns, with the Te Deum Laudamus on Communion Sundays. I would allow for praise and worship choruses to be sang and allow room for the Holy Spirit to minister. The other Sundays would be a condensed order of service which would give more room for a livlier atmosphere. Those services would also have multi-media presentaions involved for all readings, and choruses. And I would also have a testimony service (if possible).

-- Anonymous, May 14, 2001

I do not like very much structure. I prefer to keep the service as loose as possible to allow the Holy Spirit to guide. In its loosest form I like about an hour of singing followed by 20 minutes of praying for needs. Last I like about an hour of preaching ending in an open ended altar call for salvation, committments, and more needs. I would only put in a few minutes for announcements. The bulletin can serve that need. A brief offering or better yet setting the plate at the door or altar and letting people give as they pass. This is like the old temple in Israel. I do not prefer solo music not that it is wrong. I just do not prefer it and it can tempt a person to pride. Jesus should be the only star in the church.

In Christ, Nathan Paujo

-- Anonymous, May 15, 2001

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