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I'm new to this game and need help with a question I have...I would like to know what is the best format to use when making or saving a video from a digital camcorder...I need the best quality from the best compression I can get...I'm going to be doing football games for the HS and need to have the smallest file I can get to put the video on a Page I made for the team....I dont want the people to wait 3 days for the file to load....thanks for any help...please email me

-- ray joseph (, May 14, 2001


Hi, if you are using DV, then go for avi format first, grab your digital video as it is in avi, you can find the best quality, after that if you want vcd or dvd you can convert that avi to mpeg1 or mpeg2 (mpeg2 is for good quality in mpeg1 format quality will no be the same as per your DV) if you need any further assistance feel free to contact me

-- Tej (, October 23, 2001.

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