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I'm a Bicycle Tour guide and I'll be leading a group of visitors from Holland this coming Saturday May 19. Where would I look to find any tidbits of SF or No.CA history that Hollanders had a part in? I appreciate your efforts in my behalf. Sincerely< Larry Dahm

-- Larry Arthur Dahm (, May 14, 2001


Don't forget to go past the windmills on the west end of Golden Gate Park. They were installed to power the irrigation systems for the park. On the north west corner of the park on John F. Kennedy Dr is the Queen Willheimina Tulip Garden along with the restored windmill that, on occasion, that has it's blades turning but does not pump water. On the southwest corner of the park is another windmill that has not been restored and it is called Murphy Windmill. It is on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

-- Jay Archibald (, May 14, 2001.

Several places that are or have been associated with the Dutch include:

Haig's Deli 642 Clement Dutch Deli 199 Ellis Dutch Club 499 Folsom Holland Society 454 Valencia Tony's of Holland Judo School 529 Post

And there are several people with the last name Holland in S F history. Many of them came from England including the guy for whom Holland Court was named (near Moscone Center).

Be interested in hearing about any additional entrees you get.

Good luck



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