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Okay you guys... I can't find Aoen Flux stuff on the web at all and I am SOOOOOO glad I found you guys-I'm sure someone will help..

Can we get some links together or Aoen Flux pics and stuff? If you can, compose some or tell me where I can find you to retrieve some if possible.

Also, where can I get all the episodes on VHS tape(s) (or DVD if it exists). I am willing to pay someone to make copies for me or aomething...just let me know..

Thanks you guys! KEEP AOEN FLUX ALIVE!

-- Aepex (, May 13, 2001


LMAO! calm down. first of all you can go to any local movie store and have them speical order the video's for you. Second if i were to copy tapes for you and sell them to you that would be bad very bad. so get that thought out of ur head. third try sadgeezer or disrecognized space sites for flux info also i believe nexus has some good threads on there.

-- (, May 16, 2001.

All three videos and the DVD can still be ordered from !


-- Thomas (, May 25, 2001.

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