PIP joints on feet

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Can you please tell me what a PIP joint operation means and also why a piece of wire has to be left jutting out of the end of the toe for 4 weeks. what does this wire do? i have just had this operation and i am extremely nervous about having this wire removed in a week and a halves time without any form of pain relief. Can you reassure me as although the stitches are removed my toe is extremely painful and swollen. Your advice would be gratefully appreciated as i will be having the other foot operated on shortly plus my big toe to be straightened. Is there a Web site that i can look up to explain these types of Surgery. Thankyou for your help.

-- Jenny Carslake (J.D.R.Carslake@btinternet.com), May 13, 2001


To straighten your toe and fuse the joint, a wire is left in till the joint fuses, 4 weeks. Pins are left in and can be taken out in the office with little or no pain. We even do this in childern with certain fractures. The swelling and pain may persist or some time. You do not have to be concerned at this point. Please share these questions and cncerns wit yur surgen. You may want to wait till yoou are recovered from this operation before your next one. That way you'll know what to expect. I don't know any good web sites off hand. Good Luck. Paul Khanuja, MD

-- Paul Khanuja, MD (DrKhanuja@ cs.com), June 20, 2001.

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