I need help emotionally.

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Hi everyone.

I am a very troubled girl who has been through a very tough period of time last year.....i want to not think about the past and the only way is to keep myself busy.....but then i know at the end, it will help me temporary only. I read this book 'Inspiring Aphorisms' a book my friend lent to me. I really wanted to weep at certain point of the book but due to my character (cant cry when there are people around), i cant cry. Then i was looking at the back of the book which has the Taiwan website address, i decided to try to see if anyone can help me with my inner self.....something that i sometimes dun really understand.

Hope i can hear from someone soon. I'm a 18 year old female.

Thank you.

Jan. 13/05/2001 12.59pm

-- Janice Lim Lay Lay (Lin Lili) (jan_lim83@yahoo.co.uk), May 12, 2001


I don't know what actually happen on you but I guess it shd be too heavy for you to hold on, I hope I can give u some opinion.

-- Gan Chwee Hoon (chweehoon@lycosasia.com), May 24, 2001.

Hi Janice,

Do you still feel lost? I hope you are better now..I am praying for you now.

Each of us are different. They way we look, think, act and re-act. Hence, feeling depressed , does happen to some of us.

Talk to someone you are close or can trust.

-- (mykhoo@hotmail.com), September 19, 2001.

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