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Hi, I'm developing in a jobo tank that holds 12 sheets of 4x5 film and to be consistent i have to keep exposed but not developed "filler" sheets in there when not developing full capacity. So, on to my question. I am looking for somewhere where i might be able to find some old, expired, even fogged or exposed film for cheap. All i need it for is to have in my tank for developing, I won't be taking pictures with it. If anyone knows where i might be able to find some or has some, I'd appciate the info. Thanks

-- Paul Palka (c00lxd00d@hotmail.com), May 12, 2001


Check the Shutterbug! Pat

-- pat krentz (patwandakrentz@aol.com), May 12, 2001.

I remember seeing expired sheet film for sale at Midwest Photo. I don't see it mentioned on their web site, but I recall seeing it in the store or in one of their flyers. I would give them a call. Also, Freestyle often advertises dated film stock. They also sell their store brand Arista for about ten dollars per 25 sheets. You might also think about using Arista dupe film. I think its fairly cheap, although you would need to check the dimensions to determine if Arista 4x5 dupe film would fit your Jobo. I think it is slightly larger than standard 4x5 and may have to be trimmed. Other than that, I would try to devise a working method where you end up with 12 sheets of film (six exposed filmholders). I hope this helps.


-- Dave Willison (dwillisart@aol.com), May 12, 2001.

Hi Paul, I've the same jobo which I haven't used yet. Is the consistentcy this critical in this method? Does it throw off development if you drop to one reel and less developer? Best, David

-- david clark (doclark@yorku.ca), May 12, 2001.

Well I am doing zone system work so i need to be as precise as possible. Well if you remove one reela nd put less developer you wouldn't have enough liquid in the to develop all the negs, or it'd be streaky.

-- Paul Palka (c00lxd00d@hotmail.com), May 12, 2001.

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