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We got rain, God Bless

-- Cindy (SE In) (, May 11, 2001


Yes, we finally got some rain here too,Northwest Florida. One month today. I think it is going to take a small hurricane sitting one top of us for a week to even catch up on rain fall. Most of the crops are already fried,just going to plow them under and start again and pray for more rain (I'm a heathen according to my wife). The rain sure smells good! Daryll

-- Daryll (, May 11, 2001.

The morning glories are flowering and my squash is starting to fruit. My grass, well, how 'bout the weeds I mow, grew something close to a foot from the glorious rain! My dewberry harvest stunk becuase of the neighbors cattle, but I did get two whole cups.

I am almost done with my broody coop and should have everything in place for the chicken mama's by Mother's day. Yeah!!

My friend is going back to NYC and taking two of my kittens with her for some friends. They'll be living in a loft apartment highrise....quite a jump in the social climate for baby barn kitties, but they will be quite pampered, I am sure! I am happy they are going to have a nice home, but I am a bit sad too....they are awfully cute and these two are my favorites.

I was invited to go to a predominately black church here in town. The folks assured me that all races are quite welcome, which is wonderful and as it should be!! I really want to go because they have just incredible music and I have heard some of their sermons on tape, and they are strong messages, but I am a little reticent because the church I go to is so small and I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings....hmmm.

Hope everyone has a great week and a wonderful Mom's Day to all you Mom's!

-- Doreen (, May 12, 2001.

Please, please, y'all, send us some rain. we had a "trace" of it the other day but it's been over a month with no real measureable rainfall. The garden is up but not doing well at all. In fact we haven't gotten any tomatoes or peppers to live yet. I should have said the corn and butter peas are up. We have had some early strawberries that were wonderful but the later ones are really suffering from lack of rain. The weather has been cooler than normal for us the last few days so that's nice.. Just remember in your prayers to ask for rain in Georgia, please. A lot of people in the nearby city are having trees, especially pines, cut down in their yards lately so we are getting a nice stock of firewood just for the hauling. My dh even had one guy pay him for hauling the wood off! Well, I'm a "soccer mom" so it's off to the fields for me today! Have a good one! Deena

-- Deena in GA (, May 12, 2001.

When we moved from the Texas Panhandle a few years ago, we had gone from September til April with no rain. Seemed like there were reports of fires every day, and when the wind blew(like it tends to do on the plains), the air would fill with dust, sometimes turning the sky quite brown. the week or so after we got here(Central Texas) we got a good rain; sat out on the porch and laughed and sang we were so happy to see it! Last year was a drought year here, but we are hoping for better this. Got a really good rain last weekend. Tonight it was all around, but missed us. Wish we could send some your way! I know how it feels to watch and wait for it.

-- mary, texas (, May 12, 2001.

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