April 9-11, 2001 Riverwood DD meeting minutes

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Notes/Decisions from DD Retreat April 9-11, 2001 at Riverwood Chair: Lee Recorder: Sheila

LISA DAU from Emplayee Assistance met with DD's regarding "Respectful Workplace" issues, both for DD's as a team and for groups that we work with. EAP conducts a 2 hour training, 1 hour specific (train-the-trainer) on key underlying pieces, how it impacts our workplace - norms, guidelines and our own behavior. Lee has used these materials for discussions with staff, including support staff.

Some points DD's and Lisa focused on, in Respectful Workplace issues include: * Respectful Workplace materials can plant the seeds for an open discussion. * Is this Gossip or Information? What is the intent? Ask for clarification. * Develop guidelines for when we are angry. * Importance or role modeling (when people come to you with gossip, put a stop to it.) * Include "respect" and "inclusivity" in performance reviews. * Work toward problem solving, not blaming. * Identify: What works well? - What needs to be changed? * Focus on progress, not perfrection. * Importance of the first few days on-the-job. * Work with County HR Director and County Commissioners. * "If you haven't talked about this with ______________, don't talk to me about it." * Check back in.

Lisa supports the idea of an EAP specialist within Extension.

Lisa recommended the book "Art of Focused Conversation" by R. Brian Stanfeld.

ACTION: Val has ordered a copy of this for each DD, it will be charged to your individual CUFS number.

MOVING FORWARD AS A TEAM - Cal led a discussion around areas of expertise, and what we each enjoy doing: Deb - Programming responsibilities / creativity & staffing Lee - Working with new staff Cal - Bringing out enthusiasm Terry - Program Development Kay - Adult Ed and Extension Dave - Bridge the abstract from administration to educators Larry - Same as Dave, also strength of the community club model Sheila - Personnel coaching for improved performance.

Terry led an exercise in identifying (on index cards) issues we need to address. Terry will bring this back at our next DD meeting.

CEC TRAINING - Being carried out in different way around the State. Deb is visiting with CEC's herself; Lee doing it county-by- county; Dave did 2 all-district sessions and had 80 people attend, inviting all ee's and county commissioners. Cal has 20 at one session, ee's delivered training aS a team. Kay has training next week; Larry had 70/75 people w/Cluster 29, will do Cluster 13 in fall; Sheila has 2 sessions scheduled in late April & mid May. Marion Anderson does a good job with the public/private section.

JUDGING - CONSULTING POLICY Dave reported that a draft has gone to Chuck and the Exec Team. It is clear that judging is NOT a part of an educators job, therefore, it has to be considered consulting.

Work done on weekends or vacation is still considered consulting. If it adds up to less than 3 days per month, and less than 12 days per year, no supervisor approval is required. If it exceeds that, supervisor approval is required. Before approving DD's should consider: 1) Ask how will their work be accomplished when they are gone? 2) Consider their progress and their performance - is it sufficient to allow for their absence? 3) How does this sit with their County Extension Committee and their County Board?

COUNTY FUNDING SHIFT TO 40% STATEWIDE The decision to go to 40% will hurt some counties. SW has some county offices which are within 35 miles, or less, of each other. Ideas included having more regional staff, having 4-H educator be regional, look at other programs which could be multi-county.

SUMMER ASSISTANTS DD's identified which applicants would be offered specific county internships. Each DD will handle contacting the students, notify the counties, and get back to Jennifer DeNoma with the students who have accepted. Jennifer will notify the others that they were not placed.


Communication & Connection

Take our own power as a team (to recommend jointly, etc.)

Ask Dean specifically for what we need,

Set up a back-up plan when we are on vacation or leave,

Act as consultants to each other,

Have more fun with our work,

Use conference calling and/or web site communication,

Consider dividing up pieces of our role,

Revisit our monthly meetings,

Determine where we need to agree and where agreement is not necessary,

When new dean is named, DD's need to meet with dean and determine how we will work together, and what support we need from the dean.


Challenges with 4-H and Lead EE. Cal will lead a discussion at the May DD meeting with Dale Blyth.

DD's would like all Capacity Areas to set up web sites where ee's can get program ideas and program infromation that they can then put to work. Immediate steps to implement a group of sound programs available on web sites.

DD's would like four 4-H staff positions located in districts (regional) in 2 years.

Prolonged working with poor performers needs to change. Can we do this more quickly?

Encourage educators to present at national meetings.

Work to get educators in national extension leadership roles.

Extension could/should team up with an 1890 program.

Next DD meeting will be Monday, May 14, agenda, time & place to follow.

-- Anonymous, May 11, 2001

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