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There is a German firm named Banse & Grohmann which sells sheet film for about half the price of Ilford, Kodak and Bergger. Does anyone know anything about this company or the film? They sell it in all types of sizes and in 125 and 400 ISO. Perhaps it is 'resold' Ilford?

-- David Flockhart (, May 11, 2001


Do you buy this film in the U.S.A. or do you buy it in Germany? Pat

-- pat krentz (, May 11, 2001.

Hi David:

Banse & Grohmann is indeed a German company. Price wise I can't tell you with certitude if they are half the price when compare to either Bergger or Ilford in the US, but here in Europe ISO 125 B&G 8x20 format is aproximately 84 Euros for a 25 sheets vs. 124 Euros for Bergger ISO 200. Although it is not half the price it is still a good price difference.

Now, concerning your question about if is a “resold” or make by Ilford, the answer is no. Banse&Grohmann is made by themselves and they are similar as FOMA, another German film manufacturer who also makes B&W film of any sizes. Banse&Grohmann use to be the former ORWO.

B&G,as far as I know, manufactures two types of films: B&G NP 22 (ISO 125) and B&G NP 27 (ISO 400). I believe they do make all sizes, but I know for sure they manufacture 11x14, 8x20 and 12x20 and as well 20x24. One good thing, is that they also take any size order as well as Bergger and FOMA.



-- Alejandro López de Haro (, May 11, 2001.

I ordered some of the film (arriving next week) so I'm looking forward to seeing how it shows. I'm interested in PMK Pyro development. If anyone has info about this or reciprosity failure issues such information would be welcomed.

The film in 8X20 size and also 5X7 was ordered through Lotus View Camera whose web address is: The Lotus sight shows some sizes and prices but not all of them. Banse und Grohmann show a web address of: but their sight won't ever load.


-- David Flockhart (, May 11, 2001.

Interesting. I was viewing a 35mm film made in Poland in the early 1970s recently, printed on Orwochrom. The acetate base of the film is showing some signs of deterioration, but the color is excellent.

-- David Goldfarb (, May 13, 2001.

I use the film of Banse and Grohmann, the 400 ASA variety. I develop it in PMK. I like the film; it is, I think, made by Foma; B&G only cut it, don't manufacture it. In fact I suggest it is just the same film as the Bergger 200, Mr Grohmann on the phone was not certain about this, but thought it likely. Anyway, it behaves just in the same way in Pyro as the Bergger, and sensitivity is also the same: much lower than 400 ASA, more like 60-100! I develop it in a double strength solution with amidol added: I don't mind higher contrast, because I contact print for alternative processes.


-- Lukas Werth (, May 13, 2001.

Someone in the mentioned some time ago that there is an ISO25 sheet film still available. He also gave the email- address of the manufacturer Banse&Grohmann.

I immediately sent them an email asking if this is really true, that there really is an ISO25 sheet film still made?

It took about 3 months, and one day I received a thick envelope. It was a letter from mr. Grohmann thanking me of interest of their products. I also received their catalog + 15 sample sheets of the Wephota NP15 9x12cm ISO25 sheet film. Great!

OK. There is this German company "Fotoimpex" (, which sells B&G stuff, so I emailed them and asked if I can get some of that NP15 -film, even that it is not listed on their web pages --or anywhere else, for that matter.

The person replied that he will find out if I could get some, and a few days later he emailed me saying "OK. How much do you need?". So I ordered 10 boxes of size 4x5". The price was right too; the film costs about $9 per 25sheet box. The APX100 costs here (in Finland) three times as much.

That was my story. The film seems to be OK. Developed in Rodinal 1+50 the negs are *sharp*. The film is nothing like APX25 of course, but a great film anyway. It's tonality is kind of Agfa -like.


PS. When I removed the "B&G" sticker off the film box, I found an "ORWO" logo printed on the box.

-- Jukka Korhonen (, May 14, 2001.

All the information is useful and interesting. Some of you mentioned contacting the B&G firm by telephone and email. Would you care to share the contact information? I haven't been able to get their web site up and running.



-- David Flockhart (, May 14, 2001.

Banse and Grohmann phone #: (0049) 3943 544033, Fax 544030 Email:

Address: Ilsenburger Str. 40, 38855 Wernigerode, Germany


-- Lukas Werth (, May 15, 2001.

B+G Films and paper are great stuff. It is identically the same as FORTEPAN 200/or 400 as well as the B+G Papers are all made by FORTE, Hungary (only packed in old and relabeled ORWO-boxes) Also all BERGGER Films and Papers are made by FORTE (identically the same as FORTEs own products), only packed differently and sold by a French merchant, of course with a higher prize as the same products labeled FORTE or B+G.

The Film b+g NP27 /resp. FORTEPAN 400 in 8x10 I'm using since a long while with great satisfaction; it goes well with PMK( approx.12 min.) and RODINAL (1:25 at 8 min) or CALBE R 09/FOMA F 09 (basic Rodinal-type; 1+40 at 15 min).

One can get the same films from FORTE under the label "Classic Arts" from Fotoimpex /Berlin (Germany) with good rates for shippment in the USA; or contact B+G by fax or phone (address stated in a contribution above). or: www.

-- Urs Bernhard (, May 19, 2001.

As of Mr. Grohmann, B+G NP15 is Efke 25 (!!!), NP22 comes from the Czechs Rep. (= Fomapan 100?) and NP27 from Hungary (=Fortepan 400, which has 200ASA at daylight and 400ASA at art. light). The glass plates are from Russia.


-- Alexander Selzer (, July 14, 2001.

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