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would it be at all possible for you to share with us the original uncut stories for the episodes?

i don't necessarily mean for you to give away the meanings, i'm more interested in seeing exactly what you intended the episodes to be like before MTV cut them down to size.

stuff like plot changes and stuff is what i've read about so far, but i'd rather have the full uncut stories. i have a feeling you've got some great stuff to tell but it was misrepresented by the time it got out to the public. from time to time i would see a shining gem of a plot in your episodes, surrounded by mangled editing. i know there's more to some of these, specifically the demiurge, and i know not all of the mystery of the series was intentional.

it would mean a lot to me and a lot of other people here if you told the stories the way they were meant to be told.

-- Demi (, May 10, 2001


Demi, By "uncut stories", I'm guessing you mean scripts. Yes, they exist, but how are you proposing I release them?

You're right that "the Demiurge" was an episode that greatly suffered from being shortened. However, I'm not sure that the original script is any more comprehensible than the finished version. The ideas in it that were lost may eventually show up in other work I do. I'd personally prefer to let the matter rest, as it feels to me like a phase in my creative growth that has passed. I'm too occupied at present with new projects to want to go back and examine the mistakes and shortcomings of my past work. And let's not rule out the possibility for new Aeon Flux episodes farther down the road. In that case, I'd be willing to revisit some of the missed opportunities from the earlier series.

-- Peter Chung (, May 11, 2001.

you know as dissapointed as I am you said no, I understand what your saying Peter. It is a shame to get trapped up in the past. Live free or die, and the past is a prison, baby!

-- markisgreatgiveustehchocolatecake (, May 11, 2001.

i didn't mean for you to go out of your way. i was under the impression there was a finalised product that MTV had cut, but from the way you put things, it seems more like the edits were done in the conceptual stage.

it's a shame to hear that these stories were modular and flexible to such a degree. i really felt like there were bigger pictures behind them, with a certain intent in mind that was clouded by the edits.

the show was still great, though. thanks. it was one of the big motivators in my life that made me want to create.

-- Demi (, May 11, 2001.

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