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hey family, i'm getting the urge to hear from you again, it's been a while. i'm far away and missing family again. :0) i'd love to hear from you!



-- kristina (, May 10, 2001


hey, I'm family!

Hi Kris, sorry its been a while since the last update. I've been busy moving. I'm hopig to get the website updated this Sunday (cross fingers). Miss you too! Lots o' love and God bless, yer eldest bro

-- Leslie Camacho (, May 11, 2001.


Congrats on ur great grades and G.P.A. It's the last stretch for this year, so hang in there... u've got a great summer coming!

-- Haroldo (, May 15, 2001.

hey smarty pants :)

hey there dear kristina . . . glad to hear you're doing well in school, and like your dad said, it's almost over. are you going to be down in so cal at all this summer? i surely hope so because there's a few people here who i know would love to see you. as for this part of the camacho/liu family, all is well and evan continues to grow and grow cuter everyday. in case you're interested (and who wouldn't be?) on jon's webpage . . . . . . there are a few new pictures. by the way, there is no www in front of that address so don't put it, or it won't work. take care dear cuz and keep in touch . . . michelle

-- michelle (, May 15, 2001.

Hey Kristina!

Hey there--yes, I'm missing you too! Are you going to be staying any longer after Alan's graduation, or are you just going to be around that weekend? Let me know, and us cousins are going to have to figure out how to have fun in Angwin :).

Have a good last couple weeks of school!

your favorite cousin, (oops, did I say that?) Melissa :)

-- Melissa (, May 30, 2001.

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