I need help on an essay, Song-writing by E. A. Poe

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I need a full analyses of Song Writing writen by Edgar Allan Poe? I believe that is one of his essays!!!

-- Anonymous, May 10, 2001



A search of an extensive listing of Poe's works (and those attributed to Poe) on the Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore site reveals no such essay by that title. However, there is a critical review by Poe of a work by Ms. Mary E. Hewitt titled "The Songs of Our Land, and Other Poems" that appeared in Godey's Magazine in February 1846. You can see this critique at:




-- Anonymous, May 11, 2001


While I would not normally disagree with Tis, s/he being remarkably well-informed, in this case they are only half right.

The article to which you are referring is part of one of Poe's 'Marginalia' series, this time appearing in the Southern Literary Messenger, April 1849. A copy can be found at www.eapoe.org/works/misc/mar0449.htm. The section you seek starts with the words 'There are few cases...'

The title 'Song-writing' is often ascribed to this article in anthologies of Poe's criticism. It is, for example, given that title in my Penguin edition.

As for analyses, I am not aware of any extended criticism although it is often referred to. However, since your question includes the words 'I believe that is one of his essays', it implies that you have not yet read it. The best place to start with any criticism (whether of Poe or any other author) is always with the writer themselves.

If you have any specific questions after that, I'm sure that someone (probably Tis, given their record of prompt, helpful replies) will be happy to assist you.

-- Anonymous, May 12, 2001


Although sincerely appreciative of your kind remarks, alas, I feel compelled (as a point of honor) to mention that your gracious assessment of my being "half right" was much too charitable. My personal resources combined with those of the Society of Baltimore were sufficient for a proper answer. I failed. You did not! While I would prefer to plead ignorance of this section of Poe's "Maginalia" series, that avenue of acquittal is closed to me and I am forced to concede to a faulty memory. Frankly, the idea just simply didn't occur to me. Thank you, sir. I am the better for your response.

Best Regards,

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2001

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