White House Statement on the Review of Critical Infrastructure Protection and Cyber Security

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White House Statement on the Review of Critical Infrastructure Protection and Cyber Security

WASHINGTON, May 9 /U.S. Newswire/ -- The following was released today by the White House:


Review of Critical Infrastructure Protection and Cyber Security

The White House is working with federal agencies and private industry to prepare a new version of the National Plan for Cyberspace Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection, to be completed later this year. The Bush Administration's National Plan will be prepared in close collaboration with the private sector and other concerned groups outside of the Federal Government. The Department of Commerce's Critical Infrastructure Assurance Office is coordinating the efforts of several Federal departments and agencies which are contributing to the Plan's preparation. Meetings have been held with representatives of several sectors including banking and finance, electric power, rail transportation, oil and gas, state and local law enforcement, the information technology industry, and telecommunications.

At the same time, the Administration is reviewing how it is organized to deal with information security issues. A cabinet-level meeting recently reviewed the issue. Recommendations to the President will be made shortly on structuring an integrated approach to the national economic, governance, and national security aspects of cyber security and critical infrastructure protection.

As the President said in his letter to Congress on March 1, this Administration believes critical infrastructure and cyber security are issues important to the health of the Nation's economy, to the functioning of government agencies, to law enforcement, and to national security. These two initiatives highlight the President's commitment to protecting our Nation's critical infrastructure.

-- (news@of.note), May 10, 2001

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