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To my dear AME family I want to share some good news! On Mother's Day May 13th. St. Paul Community Church in Bozeman, Montana. Will have it's first Baptism. The Baptism candidate is 65 years old. She is blind and in a wheel chair. No one in her family believes in God but her. And so she will not have her family present. Many of you have prayed for this church and I thank you for God has heard your prayers. The lady who is to be baptised is wonderful! She told me today that she is so excited that she can hardly wait until Sunday. I thank God that he has called this church into existence for a time such as this. Not only will this lady be baptised she now has a church home. I just wanted to share this good news and ask that you keep this new Christian in prayer. God bless you!!

-- Anonymous, May 10, 2001


Dear Rev. Rogers,

It seems like your church is experiencing some great events in its beginning. Dr. Charles Stanley, who I admire, stated that in all his years of ministry that he has only seen one individual near the age of 70 come to Jesus. I am also amazed at your enthusiasm about being a minister, I find it encouraging. It seems that you are always planning activities or addressing the spiritual needs of individuals. I will continue to pray that your church will be successful and that you will receive God's blessing for your life.


-- Anonymous, May 10, 2001

Jazzman I love God so much and Jesus Christ is indeed the Savior in my life! I am nothing without him. The church that I pastor is God's church I give all the glory to God. But God has also sent me earthly angels. I have an incredible Bishop!! Bishop John Bryant who believes in rural ministry and a ministry that includes all people. I am in a visionary conference. The Pacific Northwest Conference Presiding Elder Ellis Casson. Dr. Casson and my conference started a new prayer initiative three months before I started my new church. They started praying for expansion and the planting of new churches. My church has also had great prayers from my AME TODAY family. I am honored that God has called me to this mission field. This wonderful woman who will be baptised is white. She only heard of a punitive God. It was not until a church based on the principals of the AME denomination was started that she felt comfortable in coming to Christ. When I and my church officially become AME on August 6th, we will be able to say to the Bishop we did what God told us to do and we followed the instructions of Richard Allen. As I say to my Bishop, I am but a foot soldier in the Army of the lord! Jazzman thank you for always being an encourager for Christ.

-- Anonymous, May 10, 2001


Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, May 12, 2001

Pastor Paris, thank you for your excitement. I can hardly contain myself with joy that this wonderful woman has answered God's call. She is so excited and happy! Sometimes we forget when God calls a church into being it is always for more reasons than we can imagine. God baptise. I as a minister am but a proxy. I cannot begin to put into words the love and awe that I have for our God. Our new sister in Christ will not only be baptised she now has a church. When I look at the history of the AME church we have always gone to those who others have written off. Last week we had a single mom with four children walk into the door of our church. The mom shared with one of the ministerial staff that she wanted to kill herself. That sunday morning I had prayed to God saying I know there is someone in this town who is hurting that needs you and this church, and God sent her to us. We are getting support systems in place for her. Including medical attention. When I talked to her tonight she said she was happy because she would be at the Baptism of this 65 year old woman. Baptism is renewal and the release of our old life. It can also be the resurrection of another's life. I have only been AME for one year. But I see the movement of the Holy Spirit in this denomination like I have not seen it anywhere else. God through Baptism is calling us anew. Let us reaffirm our Baptismal vows and go boldly into this world casting out our nets of salvation! To God and only God be the glory.

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2001

There were many tears in church today. The wonderful woman who was Baptised today cried with JOY! It was a beautiful service. We had our worship service outdoors under a 200+ year old tree. The birds sang and butterflies flew over head. Since Pat is blind I wanted to make sure to incorporate her other senses into the service. The water was cool, and I sprinkled her with a white lily. Which she then took home. At the end of the Baptism she was pinned with a small gold cross with a dove in the middle. She cried like a baby for she is now reborn in Christ. You could feel the power of the Holy Spirit. She also joined our church. And though she can barely stand she stood up to thank the congregation for our love for her. To see the transformation in her was powerful! We watched a shy blind woman become a confident woman of Christ. She even volunteered to be on our outreach team for the church. When I think of the mighty cloud of witnesses in my conference, who set this church in motion. It makes me cry, Because of Bishop Bryant, Elder Casson, Dr. Williams and the Board of Examiners St. Paul Community Church was given the go ahead! To be a servant of Christ and to participate in God's Baptism of Pat. Will be one of my most spiritual highlights. Also today four young people between the ages of 18 and 25 came to church. Praise you almightly God, for it is never to late to come to you.

-- Anonymous, May 13, 2001

Rev Rogers, the service sounded so spiritual. Truly I was blessed by reading it today. You have such excitement over your work in the Lord.

In Christ, Carmen

-- Anonymous, May 14, 2001

Carmen you are very generous with your praise and I thank you so much. Carmen I am but a reflection of the excitement that Jesus has for me!! As a christian, a clergywoman and a child of God. I realize Jesus is excited about me!! Christianity for me is transforming and liberating. I love ministry with all of my heart and I am finally in a denomination that allows me to express that love. I know no denomination is perfect, but the AME denomination is perfectly happy to praise Jesus with love and joy. All that I am is a servant for Christ, I thank God that he allows me to participate in his ministry.

-- Anonymous, May 14, 2001

I spoke to the wonderful lady that was Baptised in my church this morning. She try is born a new. There is a confidence and a joy in her voice. She also has strength! She is the only christian in her family and to be 65 and to come to Christ is wonderful. She said she would not worry about her family anymore, but instead would pray for them. For she said Jesus is always knocking at the door. She prays they will answer him one day. But she is accepting and enjoying the gift she has received. Her love for Christ is inspiring.

-- Anonymous, May 16, 2001

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