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First, bits 73 and 74 on msword are buttons 3 and 2, respectively. Is button 3 actually used in this game?

Second, as I've mentioned several times before, whenever I use keyboard, I remap my keys in such a way that some of them (A and D) are the same as some default player 2 controls. I usually take the time to remap those player 2 controls to something else, but what if I didn't? Would my recording be disqualified for having one button mapped to more than one control? Even though that control is a player 2 control and player 2 isn't even playing, so, in effect, it doesn't have any effect?

I think just taking analinp's statement that one key is mapped to more than one control should, in itself, not be enough reason for disqualification. It should be determined first which controls those are.

If desired, I can give a short tutorial on this board on how to find out which bits are mapped to which controls in any given game. Yes, you will need to download the source code for MAME (preferably 3 different versions, but I'll get to that should this information be considered useful), but there is no need whatsoever to know C, only English. :-)

Cheers, Ben Jos.

-- Anonymous, May 10, 2001


Also, it's sometimes a side effect of a game that it's multiple buttons are mapped automatically to the same key press "hardwired" in the driver. And on the message when this happens it is a "warning" not an acusation. But i'm sure gameboy didn't dq recordings because of this.

But I'm wondering if gameboy used the same mame version that bbh did when doing the slowdown comparison tests. I'm figuring that the newer mame performs better with msword and doesn't report slowdowning as easily as an older mame would. It also could have been one game bbh just forgot to turn autoframe skip on a possible slow game. But I'm very glad gameboy made the decision to dq scores, to bring possible issues out. bbh, I hope you don't think your record is tarnished from this, else i can't think why you would be so offended to offer a lengthy rebutal (because your game was dqed) when you can easily record an awesome score again...

mistakes can happen on editors sides and on players sides, it'll always be hard for people to admit they make mistakes. Even analinip can make a mistake, I've tested it so the autofire detection will work on 100% of the known inps to be using autofire and not using outfire but i only have 25 of those.

-- Anonymous, May 10, 2001

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