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I have decided to purchase one of the Ebony 45 series field cameras. Does anyone know where the best place to buy would be? I know Robert White has some good deals, but are there any other reputable suppliers for me to compare prices with?

Thanks in advance Peter Brown

-- Peter Brown (photo_illustration@bigpond.com), May 09, 2001


Badger Graphic, in Wisconsin. Talk to Jeff.

-- Howard Slavitt (info@enaturephoto.com), May 09, 2001.

Thanks Howard,

Do you have a phone number or email or internet address for Badger?


-- Peter Brown (photo_illustration@bigpond.com), May 09, 2001.

Peter -

Badger Graphic's web site is at http://www.badgergraphic.com/.

Curiously - based upon past recommendations about Robert White as being the place to buy equipment - I checked their prices against Badger's (at today's currency conversion rates), and found that Badger's prices may actually be better. Of course, you may have to factor in sales tax, which could put you over the top. But, of the 3 or 4 Ebony cameras I priced, Badger was more economical.

Strange, isn't it.

Good luck.

-- Alan Agardi (alanagardi@sprintmail.com), May 09, 2001.

I purchased my Ebony SV45U from Badger. Jeff is a real gentlemen and their service and prices are second to none.


-- Mike Kravit (kravit@bellsouth.net), May 09, 2001.

WRT to pricing at Badger Graphics and Robert White, Alan Agardi wrote:

"Strange, isn't it."

Not really. First, let me say I have purchased from both Badger and Robert White. From both I have received courteous, knowledgeable service, prompt delivery and great prices. They are both truly outstanding dealers who know and support large format. The fact that they offer the lowest prices around on many items is an added bonus.

WRT to pricing. It is affected somewhat by exchange rates. However, the British Pound relative to the US dollar is fairly stable. When the Japanese Yen, for example, fluctuates, it affects both dealers about the same. The real difference in pricing is most often due to the mark-ups associated with US importers or distributors - the so-called middlemen. Being a non-US source, Robert White is able to avoid these mark-ups and pass the savings along to his customers. On many items that do not have official US distributors, Fuji lenses for example, Badger is also able to offer very attractive prices. In fact, Badger's prices are the lowest I've seen on Fuji lenses - substantially lower than Robert White's even before adding on international shipping and import duty charges. On other items, especially those where Badger is not able to bypass the official distributor, Robert White offers substantially lower prices. On some items, Badger has started buying directly from the manufacturers also bypassing the official distributors and associated mark-ups. These direct import items are sometimes referred to as "gray market". For example, Badger Graphics directly imports Schneider and Rodenstock lenses and Linhof cameras and sells them at prices substantially lower than the same products brought in through the official US distribution channels.

So, in a nutshell... both Robert White and Badger Graphics are very reputable suppliers. On some items Badger will be cheaper (even before international shipping and duty) on other items Robert White will be cheaper (in spite of international shipping and duty) and on many items it's pretty much a wash. It pays to check both sources before ordering. These are the only two dealers I use for new equipment these days. Given the level of service, the great prices and fast delivery from both, I see no reason to shop anywhere else. Nine times out of ten, I end up buying from Badger, but on those occasions where Robert White is able to offer significant savings, I don't hesitate to use and recommend them. We are fortunate to have two dealers with such dedication to serving our large format community.


-- Kerry Thalmann (largeformat@thalmann.com), May 10, 2001.

From what I could tell looking around on the web, Robert White can significantly undercut the Mamiya and Toyo prices in the US. I.e., brands imported by Mamiya America Corp.

And I hate to point that out, as I've found the MAC people good to deal with.

But I've been looking at Mamiya 7II's on eBay, and realize the other day that I can get a new one from RW for cheaper.

-- John H. Henderson (jhende03@harris.com), May 10, 2001.

I am a Canadian pro-photographer based in Japan. I have used the Ebony for shoots. I can find them here easily enough!


-- David RedHawk (redhawk@pro.email.ne.jp), May 12, 2001.

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