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Is there a new procedure out for knees without having to have knee replacements. I saw an add using foam in the joints. This is a new procedure and was founded in Europe.

-- Judy Kammerer (, May 09, 2001


I am not familiar with the procedure you are talking about. THere are options for arthritis of the knee besides joint replacements. This depends on a the extent of arthritis and other factors specific to the patient. New procedures always need to be approached with hesitation. Even with joint replacements which last 15-20 years, there were probelms early on. Sometimes problems won't arise for 3-5 years, so want appears to work well at first may not be good after some time. If you can get more info on the procedure you read about, I'll be happy to investigate it. Paul Khanuja, MD

-- Paul Khanuja,MD (, June 20, 2001.

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