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Has anyone any experience of using winoncd3.7 with the above CD writer. The programme crashes whenever I run it with the USB drive attached. I have tried updating both USB and drive drivers to no avail. I am trying to write VCD photoalbum and managed to do so with winoncd3.8 but my sony 536 would not read it - I read somewhere that winoncd 3.7 was compatible with the 536 but the above error occurs...

any suggestions?

-- Justin Tuggey (, May 09, 2001


Recently I had some problems using WinOnCD 3.8 on my Yamaha internal CD-RW, although it worked alright previously. Later I could not reinstall the WinOnCD at all. I had to reinstall the W98 bf installation of WinOnCD could be done.

I noticed that the installation of WinOnCD is unusual in that it appears that it has to be able to "read" the type of CD-RW you are using.

Perhaps you could try installing any HP drivers provided bf installing the WinOnCD prog.

-- Steve MF Lai (, May 11, 2001.

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