what is the best way to build a rocket containing an egg,but wont break the egg when it lands

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read the subject for the question

-- David burton carter (dccarter24@aol.com), May 08, 2001


1) Carefully wrap the egg in punctuation.

2) Place the egg in the body of the rocket, not the nosecone.

3) POLITELY ASK the egg not to break.

Glad I could be of help.

-- Dalton (foo@bar.com), May 09, 2001.

Attach to the rocket an parachute which will get opened when the rocket is going down. You can find alot of help in the net, just search for rocket and a parachute in google.

and, the dude is right, you should politely ask the egg not to break.


-- Sergey (zero1h@hotmail.com), February 04, 2003.

Boil the egg

-- Nath (aaaa@a.com), May 14, 2003.

use an ostrich egg, they are harder! Of course this will require as much bigger rocket. Also, asking politely is a must

-- Captain Sava-Ho (NemonicsRacing@So.Cal.Imports.com), May 30, 2003.

Make a chamber for the egg. It will have to be big enough for the egg to move around. Attach some kind of springy chord to the sides of the chamber (a pair of nylons works pretty well), then attach the egg to the cord. When the chamber hits the ground the egg will bounce around inside the chamber, but the cords will keep it from hitting the walls and breaking.

-- Blueford Wilson (bluewill22@yahoo.com), March 23, 2004.

make sure the egg is cold and then put into a bag full of water. put the bag with the water and egg in the rocket ask it not to break and let it go

-- kase (kase_knochenhauer@rock.com), March 11, 2005.

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