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Install a $6 gas saver in your car!

I increased my gas milage from 28.8 miles to the gallon to 34.1 miles to a gallon in my Ford Probe! For every 10 gallons I now go an extra 53 miles!!!!!! Since the gas prices have skyrocketed, I decided to look for some kind of gas saver on the internet. I entered the words gas saver in my search engine. Most websites talked about magnets, but all were way over priced.

I went to Home Depot and found all kinds of magnets. I bought 4 magnets, 2 to a package at $2.98 each. Size 1 inch by 2 inch.

I taped 4 of them to my fuel line. One on each side of the fuel line.They have to push away from each other and use black electrical tape to hold them together. I also used 8 inch cable ties to hold them together. I put about a one inch space between the 2 sets. I put them as close to the carburator as I could. Total cost per car $6. What a deal! I have 4 vehicles and just installed magnets in all of them! About 15 minutes to install!

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-- freddie the freeloader (, May 08, 2001

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