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The Terapin seems to "konk out" after about 40 minutes of recording. So I'm looking for something better; has anyone tried this product called Adams VDR2000?

It's here if you want to learn more:

It appears to be about $650 US dollars (Note the prices at the site are in Canadian dollars.)

Thanks for any responses.

-- Lester (, May 08, 2001


I don't know about the Adams but I'm curious: how does the Terapin "konk" out?? Does it simply stop recording?? Does it hang? Will powering it off and on again help?? On playback does it also stop after 40mins?? A machine as grotesque-looking as that Terapin is bound to HAVE gremlins somewhere.

-- Mehmet Tekdemir (, May 09, 2001.

i think that the adams is made by amoisonic..they both have the same number and both look the same..i bought mine from china about 5 months really works good.i have not had one problem with it..steve mcsorley

-- steve mcsorley (, June 25, 2001.

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