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I and ak47 experimented and made an icq account! but we don't know how to use it! What can you do if you have an icq? how to get a new one? (just got one from an icon named icq in my desktop but can't make another one!) ak47 was the one who registered in my own computer and since then when i open that icq icon it instantly asks for the password for ak47! Can i change the ak47 name 'cause i know his password!

ak47's number is 117351862! I want it to be mine 'cause its in my own computer!

-- Anonymous, May 08, 2001


if you want to open more then one ICQ at the same time on the same PC ........you add me to your list and I will teach you ....my number is 106213294 nick angeldevil........

-- Anonymous, May 08, 2001

oh ....it seem you don't know how to use it .........so you have to register a ICQ a/c first ....if you want one more just go to the heart shape on the bottom....then choose registration to ICQ.....after that register a new user .....and follow what it say..............when you finish register a new a/c ......open it .....and go to add/invite and put in the ICQ number into the box like 106213294 that is my number and you shold see only one ppl under it and that will be me ....then you double click it and add me ......

-- Anonymous, May 08, 2001

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