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From: Lou Boncek

> We have a beige G3 all-in-one that suddenly keeps reverting to the > date of 2/6/2040. We have tried several things including changing > the battery twice and zapping PRAM. . . .

This is a wild guess! The date February 6, 2040 IS the last date an HFS+ Hard Drive will recognize. This discussion came up when discussing the Y2K problem.

For the most part Macs (Apple Computer) were immune, but some of the programs or applications that they ran were not. I am guessing that some program you are running is triggering the final end date.

I tinkered with my date/clock once. Norton then "fixed" all the dates for my programs, etc. to that wrong date and then some things didn't work right until I corrected the error.

Hope this helps! .......lou

-- Anonymous, May 08, 2001

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