11x14 enlarger lense

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I noticed in View Camera magazine that Photo-Graphic Systems Inc., were advertising a Pawo 11x14 enlarger. The enlarger came with a 300mm APO Ronar. I was curious to know if this lense actually has the coverage for 11x14? Wouldn't you need a 480mm APO Ronar to make enlargements from negs that size?

-- Colin Seaman (cseaman@igs.net), May 08, 2001


Hi Colin

In the brochure is for a 300mm at f22 and 1:1 a diameter of 528 mm stated, so near at 1:1 you shoul`nt have a problem at all. For to be sure ask Rodenstock!

-- Armin Seeholzer (armin.seeholzer@smile.ch), May 08, 2001.

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