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Here is my immeadiate remedy for our energy MESS!! STOP THE SMOG TESTS!! I'll never believe that testing thousands of cars semi anually & the rediculis tests that are required to change ownership are doing any good.. in 1976 Maybe they were doing some good. BUT NOT NOW!! WERE WASTING HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF GALLONS OF FUEL & POLLUTING OUR AIR FASTER & FASTER THAN EVER BEFORE BY MAKING PEOPLE TEST THERE CARES SEMI ANUALLY.. Can 1 of you thats very smart about these things begin to Estimate the amount of pollutants & wasted fuel by testing our cars all the time!! How absurd!!

New cars systems aren't really able to be defeated, people don't remove there smog equipment NOW because the cars run just great with the stuff on it..Also the majority of smog equipment is built in, The cam timing & fuel injection being a couple examples.

So someone tell me why we don't revolt & refuse to do these rediculis tests to capture 1 or 2% of the vehicles that do pollute. It might be even less.. Also who can tell me the amount of fuel squandered & pollution caused by us revving our engines & taking useless trips to clean our engines & testing them..

Just my OPINION & I'm sticking to it!! Please comment in depth geno-ca

-- Geno-Ca (, May 07, 2001


Here in the Phoenix Metro area, cars built between 1981 and 1995 are tested every other year. 1995 and newer, I believe get the first 5 years off due to the newer pollution controls. I'll check on that. 1980 and older are tested every year.

-- Rob (, May 08, 2001.

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