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Don't forget the MEMORIAL DAY GAS BOYCOTT.. pass it along..

boycott all fuel usage FROM thursday May 24th @ Midnight till Tuesday Morning @ 7am

That means Stay HOME Use no fuel at all Unless absolutely necessary & certainly don't purchase ANY DURING THAT TIME!!

-- Geno-Ca (, May 07, 2001


Nah, not me. I'm going to be burning some rubber that weekend along with a million other people. I'll be on a clean-up crew picking up other people's trash in a national forest. There's going to be a big bash afterwards, it will be fun!

-- cruising (, May 07, 2001.

Not a problem for me. I only fill up about once every two weeks anyway. Sometimes a tank lasts me a month. But I guess I cheat. I don't have to commute to work. Going anywhere on Memorial weekend is crazy - everything is too crowded.

-- Guy Daley (, May 08, 2001.

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