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My family loves your show. My husband thinks it would be cool to see if the teams could build a machine that could melt. A smelter. You could see which team could melt the most in so much time. Thank you for your time. Keep the shows coming!!!!!

Sincerely, The Seger family, Ron,Laura,Joey, and Brian Seger

-- Ron and Laura Seger (RLSEGER@AOL.COM), May 07, 2001


This would be about as exciting as watching grass grow.

-Dan (To reply in email replace blort dot invalid with anime dot net)

-- Dan Hollis (goemon@blort.invalud), May 08, 2001.

Yes. A smelter would be quite tedious.

Laura, I think your husband was pulling your leg. He's probably laughing his butt off at your post right now. Why don't you go over to him and punch him in the face? Do it for me, please?


-- Dalton (, May 09, 2001.

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