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I'm in desperate ned of help. I need to write a researh paper on Poe and i have been given one week to do it in. My thesis was going to be Edgar Allen Poe wrote many of his wrtings about the love he had and lost. If there's any suggestions for a better thesis or anyone has information please email me. Thank you

-- Anonymous, May 07, 2001


The poem "Annabelle Lee" talks about a lost love. The poem "The Raven" refers to Lenore, another lost love.


-- Anonymous, May 08, 2001

More than just a lost love, he seemed in many of his poems especially to mourn the passing of the happiest, untroubled part of his life and the opportunities for success that he lost thereafter. Helen, Lenore etc, seem to represent the scanctuary of the ideal in his mind where he could take refuge against all else. Sometimes even that failed. "Ulalume" where Psyche(his soul? mind")despairingly drags her wings in the dust versus his youthful poem "To Helen" where Psyche stands as a beacon to that "holy land" of the fairest dream. The problem with just thinking in terms of old flames is that there are several women he used as springboards. Mainly, the dead never die completely, but their presence can be an inspiration, a solace, a sorrow and an oppressive horror. At the same time, time destroys those good moments and nothing lasts but the power of memory and some ghostly power. At www.eapoe.org read Poe's own essays on poetry.

-- Anonymous, May 09, 2001

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