God's Boundaries

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I have been blown out of my mind by a revelation that God placed bounderies and borders around us in terms of our relationships and responsibilities. We many times face great conflicts ,pressure and tension in our lives because we overstep God's boundaries. We must never compare outselves to other churches ,but start operating within the fullness of boundaries God has set for us.When we do this God promises us ,Micah 7:11 "The day for building your walls,for extending your boundaries".Exodus 34:24 I always envied those mass churches with their perfect Worship teams .After this revelation I asked God what are my boundaries and God said that Our boundaries are to reach out to the community in a concrete way and build up the spiritual life of the present congregation and God will extend our boundaries.

-- Anonymous, May 06, 2001


I think God calls some churches to reach a narrow people group. This will keep the church small. I went to a church in the Florida pan handle where the style was very southern and country. The music was mostly 4 part harmony and hard to sing if you were not raised on it. The pastor was an old farmer who preached sermons that never went very deep. He usually took a simple Bible truth and just yelled the same things about it over and over for an hour.

The people who went there loved there church but most visitors did not return. This distressed me at first but the Lord then told me that everyone needs a place to go to church. These people would not like a different service. If they always stayed small it would be fine. Other churches were out there for those with different taste.

In Christ, Nathan Paujo

-- Anonymous, May 06, 2001

My dear sister Pastor Ursula, I believe God has a special purpose for all the churches that he calls to witness for him. As you know my church is brand new. We have a poweful worship team! God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit! We use music tracks in our church, but the church is growing. People want to be in a church where they feel welcomed and they are taught about the love of God. Today we had a single mom come to our church with two of her kids. She was exhausted, she has four teenagers. And she and her kids have never been to church. In our church everyone gets hugged and everyone has a prayer partner they are paired with during the service for special prayer. This mom had not had an adult to listen to her problems for years. And at church today she heard that God loves her and so do we. Pastor Ursula I do not compare myself to other churches for I know God has given me a special assignment. The AME church is so badly needed in my town. And your church is badly needed where you are. He has a plan for you. Do not dispair my sister for God hears your prayers. The founder of our denomination met in a livery stable, he had no praise team, or overhead projector, or sound system, or fancy organ, or closed circuit TV, or 2 and 3 choirs. Richard Allen had his love for God and his Bible. And with that this great denomination was born around the world. A 27 year old Black man in philedelphia, USA has changed your life in South Africa and mine in Montana. God has no boundaries with his love and plans for salvation. Keep up the good work my sister and trust in the lord for he will reward you. God is never late and I know he is blessing your ministry.

-- Anonymous, May 06, 2001

Dear Rev. Higgins,

You stated that God said "Our boundaries are to reach out to the community in a concrete way and build up the spiritual life of the present congregation and God will extend our boundaries." What a profound and soul searching truth!!! This statement reminds me of a sermon I heard where the minister defined success. He stated that success according to the world's definition involves the acquisition of power, money, fame, and etc. However, success for the christian is achieving God's will for that individual's life. This success occurs when the individual submits his free will to the will of the Holy Spirit. Thank you so much Rev. Higgins for sharing such a profound truth with us.


-- Anonymous, May 07, 2001

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