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I love to minister in my church, but ministry is work. Joyful work but still work. A music leader I knew several years ago told how between his Monday thru Friday job, Saturday music preparation, and Sunday ministry he only got a sabbath rest on holiday weekends. I am sure many of you either know someone or are yourself overloaded with church duties.

A church I used to attend had me running ragged. I loved helping out but started work Monday morning tired. It was aggravated by the fact we had a Sunday morning and evening service. The evening service was considered very important because so many people work Sundays now. Often our evening attendance was greater because people would come to church after work. If there was a potluck or meeting between services it was even more tiring.

Then I changed churches and re discovered the sabbath. My new church has no evening service so after a great Sunday morning worship we are free to rest the remainder of the day. I do not think I can ever go back to an evening service.

Is this a problem in your church? How do we ensure we really do keep the sabbath? I think a good start may be to cut back ministries if a few people do all the work. Offer only those ministries we can reasonably staff.

In Christ, Nathan Paujo

-- Anonymous, May 05, 2001


We have a regular Early Morning Worship, 8:30 - 9:30 AM, a High Worship at 11:00 AM and sometimes evening service. As pastor, I lead each service and my day of rest is taken during the week. Each servant of the church must take time to rest. Those who minister should be supported by those to whom they minister. This is the way God wanted it to be. Many churches are not blessed because they do not support those who minister them. A church cannot afford to NOT support the minister(s) who serve.


Pastor Paris

-- Anonymous, May 06, 2001

I work 40 hours a week in service to individuals with their various problems. Quite frankly, I don't expect to be run " ragged "by trying to keep up with the various church activities. Sunday is my day for spiritual regeneration through corporate worship of God almighty. JazzMan

-- Anonymous, May 07, 2001

Nathan, I also, often find myself busy with concerns for things of the Lord on the Lord's Day. I even welcome the fact that my church has now added and additional service in the afternoon, but the "sabbath" is still kept because more and more I am also able to remove myself from the cares for things of the world for that one day.

On the Lord's Day, I do not mow my lawn, wash my car, wash my clothes, go shopping at the mall, etc., etc. More and more on the Lord's Day I simply "Let Go and Let God", and that is truly rest.

-- Anonymous, May 07, 2001

My church has three worship services. There is an 8:00AM service, 10:45AM service and a 6:00PM vesper service. I attend the 10:45AM and 6:00PM services regularly.

You ask the question how do we ensure we really do keep the sabbath? My answer is we can't afford not to observe the sabbath and keep it holy. We assume various roles during the long, hectic workweek. Sunday is the day given to us by God as a day of rest wherein we forget ourselves and praise Him. We become children of the King and the Holy Spirit is allowed to minister to us. When we observe the sabbath the balm in Gilead is able to heal the sin sick soul.

I am fortunate in that I have a very wise and spiritually-minded pastor. He knows his ministerial staff and the strengths and weaknesses of the members of his congregation. He works extremely hard, and thereby sets the tone for the congregation. Because he is familiar with the congregation and various committees, individuals and organizations are not overburdened. As with most congregations there are members who work harder than others, but the strong bare the load of the weak.

After the 10:45 service and before the 6:00 vesper service I fellowship with other members and visitors to the church. This is a wonderful time because we get to talk to one another of God's goodness and His wondrous works. We pray together, laugh together, and on some occasions cry. Some members have taken on individual tasks as a labor of love and their act of service. Others work in groups, but in Christian love and fellowship. There is a special blessing in this because this labor is a gift from the heart, and it is so wonderful to go home tired with a big smile and a grateful heart. God bless.

-- Anonymous, May 07, 2001

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