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I am trying to program a D408SR (installed in an Aristo Pacific) and I am having difficulty with the EFX. In short, I can't make the EFX work. The NCE docs indicate that CV119 must contain FF to enable EFX, but I can't shove anything into CV119. It always comes back 1F. CV120 comes back 0b everytime. All the other CV's seem to make sense. At least they accept programming and read back the programmed value in PAGE mode. All CV's fail in PHYS mode. However without somehow getting FF into CV119, none of the EFX stuff is supposed to work. CV119 is claimed to default to FF, but it didn't come that way on this decoder.

I have to assume that addressing CV's past 99 use the mixed mode addressing as there doesn't seem to be any other way to do it. CV119 is therefore "b9" and CV120 is "c0".

Am I doing something wrong? Does somebody know if either the Chief or the D408SR screws up with these two CV's? NCE doesn't have a Chief and can't test it.

This is my only D408SR so it might also be a busted decoder. However, everything else works just fine.

- gws

-- George Schreyer (, May 05, 2001


I get to contribute an answer to my own question.

The NCE D408SR and my old DT100R do not get along. A friend came by and brought a DT300 and we were able to program the D408SR with no difficulty.

Digitrax indicated that it might be a firmware problem in the DT100R and this does indeed appear to be the case. It looks like the throttle is going back to Digitrax for an upgrade.

- gws

-- George Schreyer (, July 07, 2001.

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