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we are in a war situation... they are Diclaiming it... they killed me.. anyway im the Leader of Justice squad... it started with a multi attack by x-buster to siomai which is a member of my squad... as a squad leader I sent a letter to all squad members telling them what to do... then all of the members of the guild posy started to attack us... then I sent a letter to pelleon asking assistans coz there is too many of them... after which he said his going to kill hunter-x... then as always posy attacked us non-stop... so I have posted to the bord what is happening between the Guild of Posy And THE DEFENDERS... After Which Pelleon Sent Me an Archmail That Biggy;s Squad Will Help... Then At that time No member of the Justice Squad ever Replied... then they casted me everything they got... I have no Barries I forgot to build... :)..

-- Anonymous, May 05, 2001


actually you should had comunicate with their guild leader first and try to find a better way other then guild war ......

-- Anonymous, May 05, 2001

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