Hexanon 57mm f1.2 lens back from "repair"... $#@$!

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Well after FIVE months of waiting for my Hexanon 57mm f1.2 lens to get back from repair from PO CHANG's Camera here in Calgary it is in PIECES and missing parts and he refuses to fix it or offer any compensation AT ALL.

The lens was taken to him January 4th and was in working condition, I just wanted it cleaned and taken good care of for me, well seems he said it was never put together properly and some part in it broke and its not his fault that its broken!

I took the lens to another repair shop in Calgary, they have fixed quite a few of my Konica lenses very well and FAST too and they said they would give it a shot at fixing it up and putting it back together. I had to fight with the guy just to get an invoice of what is wrong with the lens and he refused to put it back together for free because he spent a few hours of work on it already and said it won't work right now if he did put it back together. Seems REALLY fishy to me and he is covering his butt. I will be letting other photographers know about this situation and to AVOID going there for repair work. Also I will be writing the BBB (Better Business Beaureau (sp?)) and they will be forwarding that on to him as well.

Any other ideas?


-- Anonymous, May 04, 2001


Repair of Hexanon 57mm f1.2

Mike, There is only one person I would trust with my 57mm f 1.2. His name is Greg Weber. I bought that lens new when I bought my first Konica many years ago. It remains my favorite lens in many situations. Greg is known as "Mr Konica" here in the USA. You can phone him at (402) 721-3873. You can email him at geweber@teknetwork.com I hate to think of how upset I would be if someone broke my F1.2 on me! The f 1.2 lens is so rare that Greg might have a hard time finding parts for it. It's worth a try. Good luck. I have had several pleasent experiences in dealing with Greg Weber. He stands behind his work and is very prompt.

-- Anonymous, May 04, 2001

Don't $#@$! , call Weber

Greg Weber maybe more of a gentleman than most of us. He won't trick you. He is committed to Konica, he deserves our business.


-- Anonymous, May 06, 2001

Those @#$@#%#%#$ Repair Shops......

Well Mike, I had something similiar happen just two months ago. The local former Konica dealer/thief/camera shop said that they could replace the seals on a T body that I got. Well, three weeks later, and after much procrastination on thier part, I finally got my T back, only to have the shutter jam in the store a I am inspecting it. The owner said that was just tough luck, as they don't like Konica's because the really don't have someone qualified to work on them. Now the idiot tells me! Well, I tried another shop near my house, and the first time it came back, (different store, different repair person, mind you)the shutter jams in the store. The employee says I will have to talk to the owner, which I had met, there was nothing she would do. Thank you for the check. Next day, I unloaded on the owner, and the owner unloaded on the repair shop, and took good care of me. I htink that anything else, will probably go to Mike Weber. By the way, have you got the manuals finished in scanning? I can scan the FP-1 manual I acquired, if you just walk me through the details. Resolution, etc. As of your dilemma with this repairman, go to the local news, they will eat that stuff up. Hop I have helped, Jefferson Meyer

-- Anonymous, May 06, 2001

The Answer to the Repair Conundrum

For Konica service and repairs, there's just two words to remember. Greg Weber. Repeat: Greg Weber. I would not allow anyone else to service MY eqipment!


-- Anonymous, May 09, 2001

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