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Jim-hope you're starting to feel better.Sounds like you've been having a time of it,lately.Hope the antibiotic didn't make you sick as well.Forgot to mention that it might, being mold based.Hang in there! You'll get feeling better in time.

Got the info ready for you and am sending it out.Still couldn't find the sheet on foods to avoid,but wrote down what I remembered.You got the gist of it anyway.

I read the article in Countryside and it was on accupressure for food allergies.Will check that out more too,and let you know.

Boothby's blonde cuke is both slicer and pickler.Nick preferred it to lemon cuke and he really likes lemon cukes.Couldn't try the pickles myself but Nick said they were good.So I included seed for you.

Talk to you later. Got to get to the garden!Still no rain.Bigger grrrrrrrrr.

-- Anonymous, May 04, 2001


Thanks for everything, sharon. And I appreciate you taking the time to call me on the phone, too.

I look forward to getting the information you're sending me. And I did go out last night and pick up some yogurt (like we talked about) for the probiotics - hope it helps. Will probably get it in capsule form, too.

And thanks for the cuke seeds! I'll try to take some pictures as their growing this summer and will post them to the forum - maybe I'll include my ugly mugg in the pics, too. ;-)

We're still getting rain here although not as much as yesterday. The weather people are predicting rain thru the weekend and temps in the mid 50's. Definitely NOT tomato-growing weather...

-- Anonymous, May 04, 2001

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