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Hello , does anyone know where to order the pn-10 in europe ? I'm from belgium , so if i order it directly from the usa it is very costly (shipping). I searched the polaroid-side but i could'nt find anything related to the pn-10 ? I find this strange because i mailed to graphic center and they said they shipped pn-10's regular to polaroid-europe ?

Can anyone help me out here ...


-- patrick van gelder (, May 03, 2001


Essaye du coté de Il donne des adresses de revendeurs...Pierre

-- (, May 03, 2001.

Patrick, call KJP-Calumet in Antwerp, they should stock it normally, in Holland you can buy it off the shelf at most wholesellers(Capi-Lux, KJP-Calumet, Marx en Schuuring, Fimex) Groeten!

-- Andrea Milano (, May 03, 2001.

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