Extender for the FD 300mm/2.8L?

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I happened to get my fingers on a FD 300mm/2.8L in mint condition, however it came without the extender especially designed for this lens (according to Canon the extender was shipped along with the lens). So I was wondering what's the difference between the Canon 2xA extender and the one designed for this lens. Any clues?

-- Thorsten Westheider (thorsten.westheider@teleos-web.de), May 03, 2001


Hello Thorsten; Every source I've found, (including this site), says the 2xB was the converter recommended for use with the 300/2.8L, as well as lenses 200mm and less. As far as I can discern, it was not bundled with the lens. I understand that the earlier 300SSC Flourite did come with a teleconverter, with no model designation. The A and B converters are different in optical terms, the B model having more elements, and being longer physically. I used this lens with the 2xB, and while it does exhibit some image degradation with the converter, it's still quite good. i recommend solid camera support when using this combiation, 600mm needs stability.


-- Tom Kessler (T70SSRS@aol.com), May 03, 2001.

Hi Tom,

I got this information from a German text book published around 1980. However, sifting through the pages there are pictures of the S.S.C. Flourite only, so my guess is the text refers to that lens although it states "FD 300mm/2.8L" instead of "FD 300mm/2.8 Flourite".

Cheers, Thorsten

-- Thorsten Westheider (thorsten.westheider@teleos-web.de), May 08, 2001.

I also have this same lens.. I was looking at getting a 1.4 converter.

must I stick with Canon? or can I get a tokina converter?


-- Pete (gregarpp@icqmail.com), June 05, 2001.

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