A request for help from Jamaica. Please help the children.

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I received an email today regarding help that is needed to finish a school in Jamaica (West Indies). I think this is an important mission request so I am going to post the email I got verbatim. Here goes:

"Emmanuel AME Church of Clarendon, Jamaica is attempting to put the roof on their Basic Primary School. The average weekly wages here are a little less than $50.00 U.S and both food and clothing is almost double the cost than here in the U. S. The members of Emmanuel AME Church and the community have completed the walls after more than five years and are now attempting to place the roof on the structure as well as purchase lumber to be used as seats until they can provide otherwise. They need at least $5,000 U.S to complete the roof and purchase materials for rudimentary furnishings. Remember, the AME Church has been here for more than 100 years and many congregations yet worship outdoors due to the lack of a completed church building. Please send a sacrificial offering to the address below and we will acknowledge all contributions in the AME Church's Christian Recorder, Voice of Missions and AME Today. Make all contributions direcctly payable only to the LOVE BASIC PRIMARY SCHOOL. Place two 34 cents stamp on the envelope and mail to: EMMANUEL AME CHURCH, attn: THE LOVE BASIC PRIMARY SCHOOL c/o Rev. Lenford Newell, Pastor Lot 476, Carlston Crescent St. Catherine, Jamaica (West Indies)

Thanks everyone for reading this post and if you can send something no amount is too small or too big. And let's keep this church in prayer.

-- Anonymous, May 02, 2001

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