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I created VCDs with menu using Nero 5.5 These VCD contains about 10 songs, the menu 1 shows about 6 and menu 2 shows the remaining 4 songs. When first played, the menu#1 is displayed and I can select any song from 1 to 6 to play.


1) I have no way to get to menu#2.

2) while playing one song (let's say song #2), I cannot select another song (like song # 8) and get the DVD player to switch to it immediately. It just keep playing song#2.

Does anyone know how to address these two problems?

Most my music DVD titles allow these operations naturally. Currently, I have to hit STOP, PLAY to get the first menu, then select song 1 to 6 to play.

-- ktnwin (, May 02, 2001

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