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My name is Lars Kristensen and I enter this forum for the first time and would like get some advices about what books to buy to get a better knowledge about B&W film development and printing. I use formats 24x36 and sometimes 6x6. I have for the most of my life used TRI-X, T-Max 100, 200 and D76 1+1 or undiluted. I have basic knowledge about the Zone System and I have learned how to use the light-meter to get the darker parts well exposed (not underexposed). Well, so far so good. I am not satified with my prints. There must be ways to improve the skills regarding both film development and printing. I use Ilford Multigrade papers developed in Dektol. Any help about good books or if some of you have personal experience about "formulas" how to improve, I would be very, very thanksful. /Lars

-- Lars Kristensen (, May 02, 2001


Lars, I recommend this book to get you going:

Black and White Photography : A Basic Manual -- by Henry Horenstein, Carol Keller(Illustrator); Paperback Our Price: $19.96 []


-- Christian Harkness (, May 03, 2001.

Two essential books: The Negative by Ansel Adams The Print by Ansel Adams

Anything written about the making of photographs since Adams wrote these books is basically a derivative of Adams' work. They are available world wide.


-- ricardo (, May 03, 2001.

I like "The Master Photographers Printing Course" by Tim Rudman. The title may sound intimidating but the book is really quite easy reading even for photographers with just the basic knowledge of developing and printing in black & white. It is well written and detailed without becoming boring or "scary". The book really makes you appreciate the various applications for bleacher (and the applications are really worthwile to know about!) for instance.

-- Peter Olsson (, May 03, 2001.

The Elements of Black and White Printing, by Carson Graves

-- Wayne (, May 03, 2001.

Elements, Barry Thornton(English author/photographer.

-- james (, May 05, 2001.

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