Why? what of the traditions are based on truth?

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Annulments, we will start with this. Jesus said that unless its for adultery a divorce cannot be, for what God has joined together let no man put asunder. The Catholic church not only puts asunder she grants divorces for what ever reasons ie:mental, foolishness, breaking Gods word in every way. She says divorce should not be and then will do everything she can to get your 300 or so dollars, hypocrisy. Jesus spoke otherwise.

Sacrements, are said to merit the doer of them credit or a better position with God. Apart from faith in Jesus Christ. all are sinners, dead in their sins, therefore sacraments arent anything but a religious excercise that keeps souls in bondage to sin. A saint is he that repents of his sins, confesses to Jesus Christ. Jesus said I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to Father but through me. Not through the pope, Mary, the chuch. Jesus is the door, the shepard, the vine, th eliving waters. He alone can save you

Traditions are nothing more then words of man, who add to Gods word what isnt needed, if your going to believe the words of wicked popes, then it shows you could care less about sin and being saved. A man who follows another man who is blatantly disobediant man is following him into a ditch. The popes are contrary to Jesus, they are rich and live in luxioury. Do you thinf this is of the Lord? I pray thee for your souls sake read your word and ask Jesus for truth!! Have a blessed day Jesus loves you repent and know he is your high priest.

-- Alex a follower of Jesus (Jesusislife@Chritianemail.com), May 02, 2001

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