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I have been following your research of Microsoft and Cisco for some time. To say the least, fascinating work. Have you tried to appear on Fox News Channel "O'Reily Factor", or Neil Cavuto's program? It would appear that these programs would be right up your ally. Your research needs to be communicated to the masses. At least to the educated masses. I'm not sure if everyone can comprehend what you are trying to convey.

-- Doug Henning (, May 02, 2001


Thanks for the comment Doug. I have sent an email to O'Reilly at Fox, about two weeks ago. Of course it always helps if someone else makes the recommendation. Will keep trying but it sure would be helpful if more reporters would cite the study and thereby help force Microsoft into a dialogue. Will also try and simplify more, as reflected in the AOL part II report. Thanks again Doug.

-- Bill Parish (, May 02, 2001.

I have done just that. I have sent requests for you and your research to be presented on both the "O'Reily Factor", and "Your World w/ Neil Cavuto". I really, don't trust the other TV media outlets. I would like to give Fox News the chance to really apply their "fair and balanced" policy.

-- Doug Henning (, May 02, 2001.

Could you please post a link or e-mail address? It would save the rest of us who would like to contribute our requests the time and effort of finding it on our own. Thanks.

-- Bill Fitzpatrick (, May 09, 2001.

Sorry, I'm not sure what your asking but I think this is what you want:

Is it that difficult to find yourself?

-- Doug Henning (, May 10, 2001.

Have the poppy fields of Afganistan been destroyed yet? It seems much off this crop byproduct finds its way into our cities.

-- Cliff Dotterer (, November 21, 2001.

To Cavuto, re: Olympic coverage A company who takes the contract to provide the public with Olymiic coverage should utilize daytime/prime time to broadcast the events. The picturing of ALL medal ceremonies should be part of the contract. No excuse should made for showing only U.S. biased coverage. Re-broadcasts of highlights can be allowed, but the deliberate editoring of the event for show should be nixed.

-- Owen Wildberger (, February 22, 2002.

Bill, I love your show, watch it almost every day. I get very amused at those that attack you and label themselves as " LIBERALS ". In my dictionary Liberal is defined as: Tolerant of other opinions. Well, just try disagreeing with them, they come down on your like a hammer on a fly. To my mind I would define them as: Close Minded and Naive. I retired as air force reservist, field was communications/cryptography. I found out what the government knows and the people read in the paper can be and should be different. Heaven help us if everybody knew everything, especially our enemies. Our president knows things he can not give out due to his classified sources. I saw that, being a cold war vetran I can remember when the U2's were classified and the government did not want to reveal that source of intelligence. But if you are closed minded and naive (liberal) it is easy to run your mouth and close your mind to the possibility our leaders are marching to a different drum beat than theirs. Keep up the good work Bill, your loyal fan, Wayne Mills Okla.City,Okla. p.s. Bill, I also retired as a police officer, think what would happen if police gave advance notice of a search warrant, like we did to to Bagdad?

-- wayne mills (, January 24, 2003.

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