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I picked up a used Adaptall 2 adapter from a local camera store the other day, and while it had one cap and came in a Ziplock bag, it didn't come with any instructions.

I got the quick run-down from the camera shop guy, ("...line up the red dot on the camera body, per usual and the lime-green dot on the Tamron lens, and you're in business...").

This is probably "enough" to get me started, but I'm interested in a little more info on the workings of this item.

I'm especially intrigued by the little "f/stop scale" inside the adapter, on the Tamron side. It appears to be "set" on 3.5, with the full-run of the scale 1.4 to 5.6. There doesn't seem to be an easy way to adjust this. (Should I even THINK about messing with this?)

Also on the "Tamron side" is a little tab coming out of a slot that extends about 1/4 of the way around the mount. The tab is currently at one end (the right as you look down on the tab & slot), but this can apparently be released by pressing a little round, chrome button on the outside of the adapting ring. What's this for?!?

Maybe all will be clear(er) when I get a Tamron lens or two to play with, but if anyone has some literature on the Adaptall 2 for Konica, I'd sure appreciate receiving it, or at least hearing about the item via eMail or this bulletin board.

Faxing the info would be ideal; my Fax number (Toll Free!) is 877-572-1968.

Thanks, all...

-- tm

-- Anonymous, May 01, 2001


Adaptall 2 Literature

I just faxed you a copy of my copy. Let me know if the transmission is readable. If not I will make you a copy and mail it to you. Note on the right hand side specific extra instructions for Konica mount.

David S Smith

-- Anonymous, May 01, 2001

Tamron Adaptall 2

Tom & David,

Below is for anyone who didn't recieve the fax ;-)

The sales person's description is correct, to a point. He is apparently knowledgeable about Adaptall 2s for other brands of cameras, but the K/AR mount requires a little more prep before it can be used.

Yes, it's important to set the scale on the inside of the mount to match the lens' maximum aperture. You'll need to mess with it! This is done by loosening one of the setscrews, usually one with an oversized screwdriver "slot" (could probably use a coin in a pinch). Then simply slide the scale to the right setting and tighten the setscrew back down.

I think you'll find tab on the outside of the lens will line up and fit into a slot on the lens itself. This provides the link between the camera body's aperture activating lever and the aperture of the lens. If the tab doesn't line up at first, it shoudl fairly easily slide around until it snaps into the slot.

Yes, you are correct, the little chrome button on the side releases the mount from the lens.

But I have to say, with several of these in regular use on my Konicas, I try to avoid removing the mounts from the lens any more than necessary. Seems to me that doing so frequently would eventually cause the mount to loosen and I prefer them to be a good tight fit!

Hope this helps other Konica users discover & use some of those great Tamron lenses!

Alan Myers, San Jose, Calif.

-- Anonymous, May 02, 2001

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