i need some help with my research paper if their is anybody out there that who like to help me and others like me please do.

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my research paper is do at the end of this month i have been going to all school, college, public, and university lib. for weeks now. I need HELP please help me to find anything on the life and work on Edgar Allan Poe,and i will do the same for you in the future.

you can contact me at blakpoet@yahoo.com

-- Anonymous, May 01, 2001


Hey, I'm doing a research paper on Poe aslo. I found this site to be very helpful, http://www.bigchalk.com/cgi- bin/WebObjects/WOPortal.woa/wa/HWCDA/sections? sectionid=4582&tg=LITERA&flt=CAB

If that does not take you to a site (it should) Go to www.bigchalk.com and search for Edgar Allan Poe. Also another great site is http://www.poedecoder.com Very helpful, there is something like Cliff Notes on 5 Tales, and 1 Poem. You need to hook me up with anything, my paper is due Friday. Hopefully that helped you out. Luke

-- Anonymous, May 01, 2001

Hi. I'm doing a paper on Poe as well. I found some of the most useful information was on the databases at the school library. I'm not sure if you have access to online databases, but the Maggill and MLA databases are great. (Go to literature section.) You just hae to type in who you are looking for and the work (if you want). You should get a lot of matches. Theresa

-- Anonymous, May 02, 2001

Yse i will, but i really need help finding pictures about him and about his lifestyle...

-- Anonymous, May 02, 2001


-- Anonymous, April 05, 2004

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