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Hi all,

here is a ( incomplete) list of photo dealers in Germany, which will sell Konica gear.

I've skipped all dealers, where I've found no Konica item. That means, that you will find a Konica piece at all of them. As far as I could check, I've marked if they have a page in english language.

And here it starts:

First of all, there is:

offering the greatest amount of Konica-parts I know of. english version available,

here I've bought a 55mm Macro and the 85/1.8 for Mike LePard. But they don't wanna sell outside Germany.

is where my cousin goes to, when he wants to buy used gear.

german language; has only few Konica items. but I know this shop, from my time at university

the same as for foto-tudisco

small shop, but with a high reputation.

I know this shop from passing by, never went into the shop.

english language too

german language,

some english explanations

german language only,

Some Konica parts, good prices ( as far as I can tell)

english language too

The order of these shops is no ranking, since I know only few of them.

Furthermore, there is Foto Duttenhofer in Würzburg.

There I've bought my first Konica, a T4 and 3 lenses and a used TC, last time, they had 2 TC's and aFC-1, but they don't have a homepage ( thank god, therefore nobody from abroad can purchase there; it's only for me!! ;-) )

Dieter Schuster

-- Anonymous, May 01, 2001

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