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That Seven Day Battle System page that Ashume Rainflower / Matt Denham / Kaidi Echitra - I was wondering if you think it should be on the banner frame or not. I'll make a decision after I see a couple opinions. Thanks again :) GB9

-- Anonymous, May 01, 2001


Plain and simple: my thinking is NO because this is not a "MARP sanctioned" tourney. Kaidi did not approach us for permission, so why should we give him advertising? Also, we never flushed out the idea, so it appears rushed and not well thought out--doomed from the start!

-- Anonymous, May 01, 2001

I'd think it would be nice to report their tournament in the "News" but unless they pay marp for the hits, banners are a no go. Though, I see no reason to "compete" with other tournament sites, we should let people know other tournaments exists just for the reason of letting out free information.

I guess i don't know where the "banner link" is. Are you talking about linking their site to our site in the login banner of people who login? no way, then. I still think the Knockout tournament shouldn't be linked from the banner, The french site logs (serving the knockout page) could contain marp login/passwords because we do this.

-- Anonymous, May 01, 2001

Yeah - that's what I'm thinking. I'll give him the links page bit because it's a personal page - he gets equal treatment like everyone else.

As for the knockout bit - it's sanctioned by MARP as all can be. Why? We have elections on it like our tournament and regulation play. Therefore, it gets linked. Besides, the link on the banner frame(not link - sorry, Chad) goes to another page, not across servers until whenever. I don't see how passwords can go over seas like that Chad - and if we found out that happened - that would be a malicious attack and we would deal with it accordingly.


-- Anonymous, May 01, 2001

It's really a client mistake it's not a malicious server attack... but it can happen since nearly all servers are capable of saving "PREVIOUS_HTML" references, so each time you click on a server the browser sends the html of the last page linked. AND if someone logs in to our site with a password in the url like and then they click on the knockout banner link at then click

Some browsers (with out specific security settings) sends the main frame url prefix=ceh&passwd=XXXXXXXX to the server at and it could get logged. I know they do this because our site gets wierd previous links like this all the time in my companies web logs.

(I do this all the time but i'm carefull not to do it when I click other sites from the marp page (like the knockout page))

-- Anonymous, May 01, 2001

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