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Congratulations to the Namibia Annual Conference ,on their wonderful celebrations. Is anything happening in the rest of the 15th Episcopal District. It is very clear that the Namibia Annual Conference is on the move That is very encouraging.

-- Anonymous, May 01, 2001



It is obvious that you must be a very dormant member in your conference, as we have had some wonderful news By the Rev Clive Pillay on the Cape Annual, as well as the WMS installation, Revivals held in the Cape.

Are you not active in the work of the church in the Cape that you are not aware of all these outreaches?

Much love and peace Michael Franklin

-- Anonymous, May 01, 2001

Michael Rev. Higgins is DEFINITELY NOT DORMANT! She is a frequent contributor to this discussion board. But most importantly she has a dynamic ministry in Capetown. One of the many things that she does is working with youth to prevent them from joing gangs and becoming addicted to drugs. Doing this time of work can be life threatening to say the least. Besides doing that she pastors a vibrant church. The fifteenth district has a lot of territory and there is no way anyone can know what is going on everywhere. This discussion board is a wonderful opportunity for us to stay in communication with each other. Rev. Higgins keep up the good and hard work you are doing. And I will continue to keep you and your family in prayer. To all my sisters in the fifteenth district I send my love, let's send Rev. Higgins messages to let her know how things are goin. By the way I pray to God everyday that I can visit the fifteenth district. In my heart I know my people are in Namibia and I want to hug my special sister and friend. Rev. Higgins. God bless all of you and know that God has his hands on the fifteenth district!!

-- Anonymous, May 01, 2001

Thanks My sister, You are eminintly correct.I am a very active member of my conference and presently I serve on the Board of Examiners of this conference and as Representive to the Western Cape Provincial council of churches. I am also interested in the achievements throughout the entire 15th district. As for my "secular" work i have been appointed as Provincial Co Ordinator(Western Cape) of the TRuancy Reduction Project, funded by the National Ministry on community Saftey. I have also a nominee of the FAIR LADY/ CLARINS woman of the year award. I don't normally want to blow my trumpet to the Connection but all of this is because i believe in a ALLMighty God. My Son is Here I am waiting abide in me I pray HereI am longing for you Hide me in your love, bring me to my knees May I know Jesus more and more come live in me,all my life take over come breathe in me ,and I will rise on eagles wings Thanks and God bless


-- Anonymous, May 02, 2001

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